Life Legacy

One day, in a single moment…. your entire life’s journey and accomplishments will be summed up in an hour or two. What legacy will you leave behind? What do you want to be remembered for? During any given memorial service, a minister will stand before a mourning audience and give a sensational eulogy about the dearly departed…… delivering a beautiful speech full of lies. Don’t make the minister have to exaggerate your life story.

Will you be remembered for your many achievements and possessions you gathered over the years? Will you be remembered for your physical beauty? Will you be remembered for your bold words and fearless attitude? Will you be remembered for the hurdles you climbed and the tough challenges you overcame? Will you be known for the words of wisdom you shared? Will you be remembered for the light you shined into the lives of others? What will your coworkers say about you? Your children? Your family? Your church family? Your associates? Will you be highly respected and honored? Will you be remembered in the same way you see yourself?

cemetaryQueen Esther, in the bible, is remembered as a woman of God who sacrificed her own comfort for the lives of her people. Hannah, also in the bible, is remembered as a Godly woman of prayer who believed God for miracles. Then there’s the woman with the issue of blood who remains nameless, yet she will always be remembered for her unwavering faith in Jesus. People have nothing good to say about Jezebel at all, other than the fact that she was beautiful. Are you a champion? A prayer warrior? A pioneer?

This is not about being a good person because no one is good. But this is about being a blessing to others and leaving a priceless and immeasurable inheritance to your loved ones. Leave a legacy of honor, wisdom, faith, truth, and love. When you depart, what will your life say about you? No matter how humans judge you, criticize you, or how much the minister exaggerates your eulogy – on your personal day of Judgment, the only words that matter are the words of Almighty God. Start to live like this place is temporary. Start now. Don’t wait until you think you’re officially old. By then it will be too late.


P.S. Jesus said the only way to Heaven is through Him. Not all roads lead to “Rome.”


Love ya!

Lady Rho ❤