Fear immobilizes. I used to be so afraid to speak the truth, afraid of losing fans, followers, friends, likes, and afraid that people fearwould unlike my page. I’m an artist/ musician so this was highly important to me. It was very easy for the devil to use FEAR to shut me up. Now, because I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ with a new direction in life from my Heavenly Father, I see that souls are perishing. And I’m no longer afraid of people, especially people who are DEAD MEN WALKING.

It does me no good to post positive happy feely stuff all day long, like I used to. It certainly doesn’t compel anyone to want to come OUT of the world and follow Jesus Christ. I’d say stuff like: “Go get it,” “Live your dreams,” “Don’t let them haters stop you.” “Follow your heart.” “This is your time to shine.”

I used to say all those things cause I WAS LIVING IT. Yes, I was a walking example of someone who was ambitious, determined, driven, and positively on the WRONG path leading to HELL.

But now you hear me saying, “Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.” That’s because if you die and go to Hell, it will be far too late to repent. And what did I say to warn you? Woe unto me if I preach Not the gospel. This life, this moment, this day – might be your last opportunity to repent. You might not get a “death bed” experience. You trying to time it just right? God may snatch you up out of here instantly. Too late.

I love you. But Jesus Christ, whom died for you, loves you more than I do. God is not willing that any should perish. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hell has no way of escape. Stop playing with your life. Your soul is priceless.


With love,
A fearLESS woman of God

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