Pandora Rejected My Music?

Yes. Pandora rejected playing my music. Hard to believe, but it’s truly expected in 2018. My songs are family friendly (non-explicit) Christian songs, but the lyrics might offend someone if they are a lukewarm Christian. Truth be told, I don’t like to sugar coat anything. If you want a watered-down message, then Lady Rho is not your cup of tea. Christ offended many with His words, and I speak His words so that means I’m going to offend many also. Truly, I should be honored.

Am I upset that Pandora won’t play my music? No. But that is 77 million potential listeners that will miss out on “Truth music,” which is the message of Jesus Christ. Pandora is an excellent platform to introduce new music and new artists to listeners who would have never heard my music otherwise. I know that people are not going to go searching for this kind of music that offends them. Who would? There are those people that like their faith to be challenged. I’m one of those people, which is why I like “Truth music.” Music from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Bizzle, Jason Upton, Plain James, and Young Noah are great examples. They tell it like it is, and I like that.

At the end of the day (and the beginning) I’m a Christian and I know we will be hated by this world. How do I know? The bible says so.


Don’t worry brethren. The Lord will make sure those who need to hear the message will hear it, no matter what.


With love,

Your sister in Christ

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