Flu Vaccines: Logical Thinking?

As you know, I am a new mother of a healthy home-birthed unvaccinated breastfed baby boy. We might be viewed as weirdos, but that’s okay. Right now there is an epidemic (or false flag in my opinion) going on in America concerning the flu. Many people are getting sick with the flu and some are even dying. This, in my opinion, is a scare tactic to drive the fearful to run and get the flu shot. I don’t let the fear mongering sway me. My family and I will continue to trust Jesus and eat the wonderful life-giving foods that He already put here for us. He knew that we’d get sick and He already had it all figured out. That’s why in the beginning He placed man in a garden. You want to be healthy and get over sickness quickly? Eat from the Lord’s garden (physical and spiritual).

Watch this video below of a family warning you how the flu shot killed their daughter. 😦

Here’s Some Logic:

If you research most herbs, supplements or vitamins, you will find that it has not been evaluated for safety of use in pregnancy or breastfeeding. Upon asking your doctor, they will tell you, “We don’t know if this [herb/supplement] is safe, so it’s better not to use it.”
We have vaccine inserts clearly telling us that the flu shot has not been evaluated for safety nor efficacy in pregnancy, and its effects on the developing fetus.

Why is there the assumption that the flu vaccine is safe, but herbs or vitamins are not? Hmmm.

The same doctors who advise against natural herbs – because of the lack of safety info – will urge you TO TAKE the flu vaccine – although there have been no scientific evidence proving its safety nor efficacy. Mind blowing.

Does Dr. Oz give his children the flu shot? No way! Don’t believe me? Watch him say it right here (skip to a minute into the video).

I am not a doctor, scientists, nor research analysis. I’m nobody. But I am a rational thinking mother. If something doesn’t add up, then I’m not going to pretend. I know you might be thinking, ‘But we can trust our doctors so why are you talking negatively about vaccines?’

Many reasons.

  1. I’m prior military and have suffered tremendously from years of flu shots and many other vaccines. That’s all the proof I need, really.
  2. Years ago, while I was still active duty, a group of friends warned me against the toxic ingredients vaccines. I looked into it and they were right.
  3. I watched the movie Vaxxed and saw the tragic stories of real life parents whose children are forever damaged by vaccines.
  4. I watched videos of parents giving their real life experience of their baby passing away following vaccines. Here is one video. Here is another one. Here is a third video. Here’s a fourth. Here’s a fifth video. Here’s much more.
  5. The rich don’t vaccinate their kids. Why not? Hmmm. Watch this.

The flu vaccine ingredients are similar to other vaccine ingredients. And you wonder why you are sick and have unexplained illnesses? Look at the ingredients. Formaldehyde? Mercury?  Aluminum? Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)? I don’t want that injected into my bloodstream. Certainly not my baby’s little body.

Have you seen the documentary movie Vaxxed? Watch it now: Click here.

Next time you visit your doctor or pediatrician, ask to see the vaccine inserts that list the ingredients and the vaccine side effects. They will probably give you a hard time and wonder why you are questioning them. Before you vaccinate yourself or your innocent children, please do your research.


With love,

Lady Rho


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