Thank you for your interest in booking Lady Rho.

Because of a sincere desire to serve the Lord and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with no ulterior motives, there is no charge to book Lady Rho. All performances/shows are part of ministry, so there is no fee to you. The only things we require you to cover are travel expenses and lodging accommodations. Transportation

Travel Expense

Lady Rho will travel to perform in any city, town, and country that does not require vaccinations. There is no special preference in travel mode, but Greyhound would be the least desired method. The Lord Jesus traveled on foot and by donkey so anything better than that is considered luxury.

Lodging Accommodation

Lady Rho will lodge in any hotel, bed & breakfast or similar housing in the city that the performance will be held. If there is no hotel nearby, such as in a remote location in a village in Africa, then lodging arrangements will be made in advance in the home of the host.

email_iconIf you are interesting in booking Lady Rho, please email and one of our team members will respond at our earliest convenience.