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Primary Genre: Christian Rap

Secondary Genre: Christian Pop

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Artist Information


Lady Rho, a Texas native, is best known for mixing her raspy vocals and rap flow over self-produced Lady Rho tracks. Her music can be described as an eccentric gumbo pot of Christian rap, R&B, Rock and Reggae.



Lady Rho, a southeast Texas native, moved to Los Angeles California to establish her career in Hollywood in 2009. Originally, she addressed issues like poverty, self-awareness, love, greed, civic responsibility and relationships, but on her journey to fame and fortune, Lady Rho got saved. In 2012 Lady Rho repented, believed the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as denied herself, took up her cross and followed Christ. At that time she stopped performing with her hip-hop band and she refrained from performing the songs from her previous album, “Rho Model.”  She now raps and sings about Jesus Christ and the state of the Church, the body of Christ.

Between 2008 and 2013, she has had the opportunity to perform across the USA, in cities such as NYC, LA, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Gulf Port, Seattle, and many Texas cities. She has played numerous charity events and entertainment events including the Red Ribbon Rally, Cancer Benefit concerts, NBA All-Star Weekend, Martin Luther King Jr. Summit and more. Some of the notable venues she performed at were SXSW, Coachella, Capitol Records, Hell’s Kitchen, the House of Blues, Grammy U, Wiltern Theater, Viper Room, Whiskey a GoGo, The Cat Club, Unurban Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, The Last Bookstore and the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas. She was also a music instructor for 2 years at Hollywood High School and Bancroft Middle School through the LACER program.

Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Lady Rho is very blessed to be alive today. Her parents actually discussed her abortion because her father had secrets; her mother was the “other” woman. Thankfully, they kept their baby girl and later got married, raised their daughter and also had 2 sons together. Unlike many minority children, Lady Rho was raised, loved and nurtured by both of her parents.

As a child Lady Rho would watch Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson on television regularly. She decided at only 7 years old that she wanted to be a singer when she grew up. Admiring her father play the organ at his leisure, when he would walk away she would sit for hours pecking keys, learning and streaming the sound of each note. This was the beginning of how she learned to make her own music. Pain, poverty and misfortune would help shape her sound into songs. At the age of 12, listening to Mariah Carey’s albums, she became inspired to write her own lyrics. She would go on to write hundreds of original material. As a teenager she started to perform at different talent shows, churches and schools before striking out to perform across the country.

A few bad relationships and several duty stations later, Lady Rho’s personal life and military career was (in her mind) delaying the success of her music career. After spending 9 years on active duty, she decided it was time to give music a front seat. Lady Rho then transferred from active duty US Air Force to the US Air Force Reserve and shortly after, moved to Hollywood California, where she spent 7 days a week eating, sleeping, and breathing music – to the point of IDOLATRY.

Fast-forward to 2012, when Lady Rho got saved, her music stopped being all about her and what she wanted or how she wanted, and then it became what Jesus wanted – for His glory! Her sound changed. Her beats changed. Her lyrics changed. Her public persona changed. Her band changed. Her shows changed. Her music changed. Everything changed. It became less of Lady Rho and more of Jesus. In addition to that, all of her music released now is available for free.

Lady Rho released a single entitled “Church” in 2016 and is scheduled to release a new single called “Lemonade” early 2018. She now resided in Georgia with her husband and their new baby boy, giving all glory to God in everything they do.



“Lemonade” – single 2018

“Church” – single 2016

“Rho Model” – LP (this was B.C. before Christ) 2009


Press Reviews

(B.C. before Christ)

Mo Rho!

The Ranger, San Antonio TX

Lady Rho, released her first hip-hop album March 20th. The album, entitled “Rho Model,” can be bought on her Web site, http://www.ladyrho.com. It is also being sold online at Amazon.com, iTunes.com, Target, Best Buy and Amoeba Music.

Raised in Beaumont Texas and now living in Hollywood CA, the humble young woman sits and sips on her green tea with a look of eagerness and a strong determination in her voice as she plans to become the next big thing to hit the music world.

Lady Rho describes her music as “positive hip-hop and soulful R&B. It’s all motivation music; it’s all really inspiring, and it has some scriptures in it too, some Christian; I don’t put all my music in one box.”

She said she avoids obscene language in her music because children listen to it.

Lady Rho said she performs at many events for students who are in elementary through high

school, and those children need someone to look up to.

Her most recognized song by her fans is “Where you at?”

She and her management company, Victorious Entertainment, will be pushing for airtime on the radio stations 98.5 the Beat, Power 106.7 and KSYM 90.1.

She is the owner and first artist on the label Victorious Entertainment.

Lady Rho said she performed at an early age but did not think she was going to take it to another level as she has today.

“People have those dreams like ‘I’m going to be famous, and it’s going to fall in my lap,’  Yeah, it doesn’t work like that,” the singer said. She said she has been promoting herself through Myspace.com and said she pays attention to upcoming events, festivals, conferences or seminars.

She also is promoting herself through http://www.youtube.com, http://www.LadyRho.com, and Facebook.com.

“People will tell you no, but you can’t stop with the no’s, you’ll never get anywhere. Half of the companies will tell me yes, so I’m always busy,” Lady Rho said.

She said this campus has opened many doors as well, by letting her know what is coming up such as South by Southwest, ASCAP events and the Recording Academy Texas Chapter.

Lady Rho said she always plans on making music, her first love; even with her clothing line, Lady Victorious, in development, and the process of beginning a book or even acting, she said she will continue to write music.

“I’m like Tupac, I’ll be dead and still have songs,” she laughs.

When she was a child, Lady Rho said she tried out for plays and talent shows. Despite being a shy child, every time she came off stage, she was ready to do another performance.

“Anybody can be completely inspired by my music to do what it is they might be hesitant to do,”

Lady Rho said.

“If you’ve got dreams, there’s a job that you want or a car you’ve been thinking about, or

anything basically that you have hindered within yourself to do, my music will inspire you to think – nothing should be stopping you.”

Lady Rho said within a year, she plans on setting up a national and overseas tour to Africa,

Europe and the Middle East.

Her album cover artwork is by a company called Novalistic, who Lady Rho may be working with to create a video.

“There isn’t anything that anyone should feel like they couldn’t do. Don’t be afraid because fear will kill you,” she said.

Edited by Dani Williams


Lady Rho Album Review “Rho Model”

June Caldwell – Bryan Farris Radio Promo, Los Angeles CA

Lady Rho, Rho Model

Straight out of the first verse of the first song you get a real sense and appreciation for Lady Rho

and what a strong-willed, hard working, lyricist and storyteller she is. Her lyrics are full of

overcoming the impossible and knowing where you came from but never looking back. But behind

these positive and innovative ideas is where you can appreciate the core structure of the album.

This is where the powerful back beats and soulful grooves carry the songs and transport them to

a higher level. I could easily recommend this album to listeners who enjoy, Mary J. Blig, Lil’ Kim,

and early Queen Latifah.

Track One – Gonna Make It

“Gonna Make It” is a song that has a very new and fresh message. It is a song that pushes you

to be a better person, to go after what you long, and to be aware that change is upon us

everywhere. The song starts out with an announcer mentioning the winning lottery numbers, but

then cuts over to the news, and we are immediately immersed into the sea positive spirit and

hope that is this song. I feel like she does this to symbolize how little money means in the grand

scheme of things. Lyrically the message is truly timeless but with a new spin and addition with

current global events.

Track Four – If I Listened

The Track starts out with an interlude marked Role Model where Lady Rho is being interviewed

and is asked “who is her role model?” The interviewer then replies “a role model should first be

created in the home”. As we are introduced to the song it carries, right from the moment of

pressing play, the message of standing for yourself and for being thankful for those around you

that gave you that encouragement to keep going, and keep fighting. In the view of orchestration,

it is done so in way of purity and simplicity but also has such a driving undertone, which keeps

the listener wanting more. Rho proves that is it not about all the money, and other worldly

desires, but it is more about having that strong foundation to keep getting up after your knocked


Track Eleven – Why Must We

Why Must We is simply a beautiful song with haunting melody lines and very well thought out and

developed arrangement. This track is easily my favorite of the album. The interesting thing about

this song from the others is that, it is truly self reflective while at the same remaining to be a

universal question. The drums on this track in particular speak volumes by simply staying in the

pocket and pushing ahead. This tune acts as a complete mirror for society’s reflection. You can

hear the evolution in the album as you listen to each track, but this truly has just raised the bar.

Reviewed by David Sorrendino of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions




Song Set List:



Why Must We


Basic Requirements

(Not a Rider)

Any size stage, platform, or area is adequate.

Standard vocal microphone; corded or wireless is acceptable.

Digital playback device for USB thumb drive/flash drive required.