Pray for the Men

When you pray, feel free to add a specific persons name as you pray, or you can pray for all men. Either way, the Lord hears us and He will answer because of our faith.

Father God in Heaven,

Lord we come before You, first giving You all honor, glory, and praise. Lord we exalt You. And we thank You for everything. We thank You for things that are made clear to us and for things that we do not understand. We thank you for the good days and the difficult days. We thank You for hearing our prayers and answering them. You alone are GOD.

We pray right now, in the name of Jesus Christ, on behalf of all the men. Lord, we pray on their behalf, and ask for Your mercy. Lord, there are so many men right now walking around in darkness and don’t see it. Lord we pray that you take the blinders off their eyes. We ask that You remove the distractions that the enemy has put in front of them. We pray that You bind the hand of enemy working against the men, right now, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. We pray that whatever plans the kingdom of darkness has against these men will not succeed, will fall to the ground, and will be cast BACK TO THE PITS OF HELL where it came from. We stand on the word of God that says, No weapon formed against me shall prosper. And we believe and declare that same word for the men. We pray that you draw them into your Heavenly Kingdom and grant them repentance to save their soul.

Lord we are pleading on behalf of the men, as if we were praying for our own brothers. We love them and we know that You love them. We know that You would have none to perish, but that everyone would believe and receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Lord we pray that raise up a bold, FEARLESS army of mighty men of God. Men of God who are solid in You Lord. Men of God who do not waiver, or stray to the left or to the right. Men of God who are not content being lukewarm. I pray Lord You raise up these mighty Warriors of Jesus Christ who will not back down to the LIES of the devil, but will expose the evil works of darkness.

I pray Father that You raise up men of God who are wise, responsible, accountable, honest, holy, just, pure, of good report, virtuous, ready to do the work of the Lord. I pray You raise up men who not only do the work of the Lord, but also men who take care of their homes. Men who take care of their wives, and children. Men who work hard and handle their business in the workplace with diligence and honesty. I pray You raise up men who LOVE. Father there is a serious drought of love! We pray You pour out Your love into these men Lord so they can pour out Your love into us. Lord we need loving fathers, loving sons, loving brothers, loving uncles, loving step fathers, and loving husbands. Lord we pray for FAITHFUL husbands who honor their bodies, their marriage bed, and most of all who honor You. Lord we pray for men who love their OWN wives and will not tear apart their marriage with infidelity. Give them a heart of loyalty Lord, just like You want loyalty from Your children… and it crushes Your heart when we go after false gods instead of seeking after You. Lord help us to remain faithful to You. Help the men remain faithful to You. Help the men remain faithful to their wives and help the wives remain faithful to their husbands. Not just in physical faithfulness, but faithfulness behind closed doors when no one can see but You. And let us be faithful in our thoughts. Convict us in our hearts when we backslide.

Lord we pray for the men who are battling against pornography. We pray for the men battling against the spirit of lust and sex addiction. We pray for the men who are battling against drug additions and the spirit of pharmakeia. We pray for the men battling alcohol addition. We pray for the men who are battling against video game addiction and the spirit of witchcraft. We pray for the men who are battling with idolatry. We pray for the hearts of men who love money or love cars or love women love power or fame or love anything or anyone but You Heavenly Father. We pray You break down those spiritual walls Lord. Tear down and destroy every spiritual stronghold. Deliver them from this bondage O Lord. Free  them from the hands of the enemy and from the powers of darkness. Lord break every demonic chain and set them FREE! Set them FREE Lord. We pray You bind the hand of the enemy against these men. Lord we pray You cast down every wicked plan, every fiery dart from the enemy’s camp, every scheme from the devil, every attack, and every illness. I pray the Lord rebuke the devil’s plans of death and destruction against the men. Satan, the LORD REBUKE THEE!

Take the blinders off their eyes Lord. Let them see clearly that they need salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. I pray You grant them repentance Lord and open their heart to receive and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that these men whom You have called will be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and born again through the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I pray the old man is passed away and behold all things become new. I pray that these men not only be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, but be dead unto sin, and alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. I pray that these men would no longer yield their bodies as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin, but yield themselves unto God, and their bodies as instruments of righteousness. I pray that these men be Spirit led, walking no longer according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit, by the power of the Holy Ghost that dwells within them. Lord we know that when we ask anything of You that we must believe and ask in faith. We 100% trust and believe that You are supernaturally moving on behalf of the lost sheep and the sleeping men in the world.

Father God, we thank You in advance for answering our prayers. Thank You for everything You are doing right now in the spirit. And we ask all these things in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. AMEN