Lemonade – New truth music!

This ain’t Beyonce’s lemonade.

My new song Lemonade is a heavy message that’s certainly not as sweet as your grandma’s lemonade. Regardless of the taste, it has health benefits and I pray it’s a blessing to you. And if you feel like it’s worth sharing, please do.

P.S. It costs you nothing to download. It’s FREE, as always.

New single “Lemonade” is out now!

Download “Lemonade” here:


Listen to Lemonade here:


Lady Rho to Release New Single Jan 2018 –

It’s really happening… after a gazillion hours in the studio (not for just 1 song:) I’m finally ready to roll out new music – 10 months after the birth of our son. The title is a secret so… stay tuned for the countdown!